What to do if you are in a car accident

Accidents are unpredictable, however it’s good to be prepared with the right knowledge to know what to do if you are involved in one.

We’ve been working with our partners at Integrity Claims Management to get together everything you need to know should the worst happen:

Get as many details as you can

Insurance details

  • Ask the other driver for their insurance company name, telephone number and policy number if they know it and let your insurance company know the details ASAP.

The vehicles

  • Write down vehicle registration numbers and take photos of all vehicles involved in the incident.
  • If the vehicle is a foreign registered vehicle, obtain a copy of the GREEN CARD number and the form completed by the driver.

The people

  • Note down driver names, passengers names and their telephone numbers and email addresses.

Accident details

  • Are there any witnesses? Get their names, telephone numbers and email addresses.
  • What is the location? Write down the name of the road, the direction of both vehicles and where the accident occurred - a video and a sketch is a great idea here.
  • Make a note the time and date of the accident and the condition of the road and traffic.
  • Take photographs/video of the incident.
  • Is there is a dash cam camera on board? Let your insurance company know if there is so that they can obtain footage.

Did you know that if you find yourself in an accident, our partner Integrity Claims Management who have been in the business of accident claims management for over twenty years can provide you with a free accident management service. Their aim is to take away all the stress of managing a claim and to quickly get you back on the road with a replacement car - plus:

  • 24/7 hotline service manned by an expert team of claim operators.
  • Arranging for your vehicle to be repaired and recovered while you and your passenger are taken to your final destination..
  • Same day replacement vehicle provided.
  • 3 Year guarantee on all body repairs carried out by an approved garage.
  • In a fault accident situation, Integrity will discuss your options with you and arrange for a courtesy vehicle once you agree to use one of their approved garages for repairs.
  • Provide you with a like for like replacement for an unroadworthy non-fault or unroadworthy 50/50 claim.
  • Appoint a solicitor to act on your behalf for personal Injury and provide £100K free legal cover once your claim is processed and accepted. T&C apply.
  • Recover loss of earnings.
  • Recover out of pocket expenses.

If at a scene of an accident you are finding it difficult to get your bearings or obtain the necessary information from the third party, then please call our Integrity Claims Management hotline on 0208 556 6633, and one of their experienced claims operators will assist you over the phone. Integrity’s claim operators will also talk to the third party on your behalf at the scene of the accident to capture as much information as possible reliving you of any stress or anxiety.

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