UK Private Hire Drivers: 4 tips for cheaper insurance

We've teamed up with our partner Cubit Insurance to bring you 4 ways to keep car insurance down on your Private Hire vehicle. And don't forget that with FarePilot and Cubit you can save £50 on your policy!

Clean Licence

Getting points or bans will result in an increased premium. A clean licence is a great start for any Private Hire driver looking to bag a bargain.

No Claims Bonus

No claims bonuses within Private Hire insurance are crucial to reducing your premiums. If Private Hire is something you want to do for more than a year, then look at annual policies to build your no claims bonus.

Be aware of some short-term policies not offering no claims bonuses.

Choose your vehicle wisely

Insurers will factor in the type of vehicle you have and for most private hire we generally recommend staying under group 32. Look for cars which utilise fuel saving features and of course, stay within your budget.

With the new regulations coming into place make sure your new car is Euro 6 compliant and not older than 5 years. If it’s a hybrid you’re in for a winner!


We love Dashcams!

Every day Cubit speak to drivers who were involved in accidents but couldn’t prove the accident wasn’t their fault. Examples range from another car entering their lane or someone attempting to reverse without looking and hitting them, which unfortunately does affect their insurance premium on renewal.

Having a dashcam will save you against any disputes and provide you with clear evidence, and that can help keep premiums low.

Cubit specialise in policies that provide dashcams free of charge for duration of policy.

To find out more and also how you can save £50 on your policy and get free glass cover with FarePilot and Cubit tap on the offers tab in the FarePilot app and search for Cubit.

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