Tricks to earn more tips with on-demand driving

Earning a tip has never been easier, these days it literally only takes lifting a finger—at least that’s what people think. Riders can now give you tips with the touch of a button, but that doesn’t mean they’ve become more generous. On the contrary. 

With no cash involved, there’s no such thing as “keep the change” anymore. Instead of politely refusing the spare change, they have to make a conscious decision to give you more money than they are required to.

Our friends at Splend not only have the cars to impress any passenger, but are also experts in rideshare strategies and driver training. They prepared this guide to help you be a more successful driver and maximise your potential to earn tips for your services: 

Business first—ask your passengers’ preferred route

The satnav doesn’t always choose the best path. Riders may want to go a different way to the one your GPS recommends for any number of reasons. Even your favourite shortcut may not impress them as much as you’d hope. 

Asking this simple question shows that you want to do a great job and are open to work with your client instead of simply driving them from point A to point B. Why treat them as a simple passenger when you can make them feel in charge?

Discussing the route is more than enough business talk for a ride. Get this out of the way as the first thing, even before you pull away. It’s important, but it’s not where the magic happens.

Pay attention to the ambience

Whether to tip or not is mostly an intuitive decision that people often make the second they get into a car. The good news is you don’t need to have a sixth sense to tap into their subconscious. It’s enough if you appeal to the five basic ones 😄

Keep your car clean

You may think this is self-evident, but many drivers don’t seem to consider this crucial. It’s a mistake because this can make it or break it in too many ways to be ignored. Think about it. Remaining at basic senses: a car can be dirty to the sight, to the touch, and in extreme cases, it can smell too.

Any visible gunk on the floor or seats is an instant tip-repellent, so you risk sending that all-important first impression straight down the gutter with a dirty exterior, stained seats or muddy floor mats.

The surfaces your riders touch are equally important. You should regularly check that the interior and exterior door handles are spotless, but don’t forget to clean the buttons and air vents too. Pay special attention to the windows, since they are at eye-level. 

When it comes to the smelly business, its simplest not to contaminate the car in the first place. Never eat or smoke in the car, and don’t let your passengers do so either. If it still happens, get rid of the source of the smell as soon as possible instead of putting much hope into air fresheners. Speaking of those—as a general rule, no smell is the best smell, so if there’s a fragrance you love, keep it for your home or personal car.

Spin the records right

A great tune can determine your mood for the entire day. And so can a song you hate... You don’t need to go out of your way to pamper your riders’ ears, though. It’s enough to stay away from anything that can be considered extreme, and most people won’t complain. This goes for volume, genre and lyrics too. Mellow instrumental music is a safe bet with most people. 

Staying away from controversy is just half of the success when it comes to being a good DJ, though. It’s a nice gesture to lower the volume slightly when you’re picking up your riders, and always adjust it to the situation. It also never hurts to ask if they like the music and be prepared to change it by subscribing to a streaming service, so you always have millions of songs at your fingertips.

It’s also worth mentioning at this point that with some passengers no music at all is the best option. In any case, ask away—they will love it that you care. 

Mind the temperature

It’s easy to get comfortable with a temperature setting and not notice that you should have stopped the air conditioning when the sun went down, or started the heating when it started raining. This is especially true if you don’t get out of the car for hours. 

Keep in mind that your riders are not used to the heat or cold in your car, and a big temperature change can be very unpleasant. People dress for the weather, so overcompensating for the outside temperature is not a good idea. Ensure your own comfort as much as possible by adjusting your clothing, rather than overheating or overcooling your car.

The thing to remember

Warning, an old cliché is coming up: the journey is as important as the destination. 😬😬😬 

The cringe is real, but it had to be said…

Ridesharing apps have filled a void in the market. The driver rating system and the tipping features in the apps are all meant to satisfy the need for a service that not only gets passengers from A to B, but prioritises the experience too. 

So as much as you probably hate this overused phrase, the journey is really the one you should focus on if you want to earn more tips with ridesharing. Just don’t lose sight of the destination in the process. 😉

About Splend 

Splend provides eco-friendly cars and unparalleled support to on-demand drivers, so they can focus on earning an income. 

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