Three tips for safe winter driving

The clocks have moved back an hour and winter is around the corner. But driving doesn’t have to be more dangerous. If it’s still sunny where you are, then enjoy the weather! If not, read these three tips to help stay safe behind the wheel.

Keep your eyes on the road

It can be tempting to drive with only a small gap cleared in your windscreen.

But a study in Australia has shown that poor visibility was a factor in 65% of crashes.

Here are a few ways to reduce this risk:

1.    Use AC to demist your windows more quickly.

2.    If you don’t have AC, leaving the windows down can help demist your windscreen.

3.    When parked, don’t leave your windshield wipers on. If they freeze to the screen, the wipers could break when you turn the ignition on. 

Plan in advance

Leave 10 -15 minutes early to remove the ice from your car.

FarePilot can also help. The app lists popular events in your area to help you plan when the most profitable time to drive is. And hotspots showing where the most passengers are let you spend less time on the road – with the added bonus of saving money on fuel.

Take it slow

Stopping distances are 10 times longer when there’s ice on the road. So, keep a constant speed, and always leave plenty of space to the car in front.

Do you have any top safety tips for your fellow drivers? Let us know at and we’ll include the top ones in our next safe driving blog!

Happy Driving! 🚘

The FarePilot Team

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