Boost Drivers: Getting to know the operator world

To help you maximise your earnings from Operators we’ve put together this handy guide. Here’s what you need to know...

Get to know the Controller and they'll get to know you

The vast majority of Operators have Controllers. They are there to ensure that the operations of a Private Hire Operator run smoothly and to help drivers throughout the day. Build up a working relationship with the controller and they’ll get to know the types of jobs that you like and then advise you where to go to maximise your ability to receive work requests . Let them know your shift pattern (start time, finish time) and where you are dropping off passengers. The controller will also always be on hand if you need help with anything else related to the Operator.

Office coverage area‍

Find out the office coverage area and busy times - you can ask the controller this  and then make sure you’re in the right area at the busy times with your app on.

Passengers ‍

You’ll be used to dealing with all types of passengers but when you work with operators you will also have access to corporate clients and those that are local and loyal to the operator. Corporate clients might expect a particular level of service but your operator will make sure that you are fully prepared for this. And the local customers will mean lots of repeat business!

Plan your day

With pre-booked jobs you can fit them in around what’s important to you. You can do the school run knowing that you have a job lined up. Plus you’ll know the exact value of the job when you accept it.

It's already working for other drivers

“Boost has helped me gain more control over my time and given me more options as to how I make my money” Kalista, London Private Hire Driver

“I like having the control of choosing pre booked jobs everyday” Taimur, London Private Hire Driver

“Boost has given me more choice which helps me earn more money” Ionut, London Private Hire Driver

Now all that remains is for you to switch on your app and start earning money, follow these three tips to make the most out of it!

  1. Keep your Operator app switched on as long as possible
  2. Stay close to the area that your Operator works in
  3. Keep in touch with your Operator

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