What is FarePilot?

FarePilot is a service that puts Drivers First. How we do that is by providing you with different ways of making more money and saving more money.

By going to the customer hotspots shown within FarePilot, you will be able to get more jobs, spend less time driving and beat the crowd.

What’s in the app?

We currently have the following services;
- Customer Hotspots
- Save Money

What are Customer Hotspots?

Hotspot recommendations use a variety of data sources to predict customer demand in a city, as well as avoiding congested areas where there are already too many drivers.

How do we come up with these Customer Hotspots?

Our app uses live information, live supply data, historical information along with clever maths.

How long should I wait at a Customer Hotspot?

We suggest waiting up to 15mins. If you don’t get a job, try another of our customer hotspots.

What is Save Money?

With our Save Money feature, we provide you with offers to help save money on your current spend. This includes everything that is involved for your driving needs and more.

How does the Save Money feature work?

When you first use Save Money, you will be asked to fill in an expenses survey which we will then use to tailor offers to your needs. Once you’ve completed the survey you will see our current offers.

Are you an Uber competitor?

We're not a competitor of any Ridesharing Company. We are an independent company.

Our app should however be used at the same time as your driver / partner app.

How do you help me make more money?

By shortening the time between jobs, we help you make more money in a shorter period of time. This means you can earn more in a shift or shorten your shifts and still earn the same amount.

Since you will still be using Uber or Lyft to get pings, they will still be responsible for your payment.

FarePilot is an add on service that you use at the same time as Uber or Lyft to help you find customers more quickly.

How can I get it?

FarePilot is currently available to download for IOS and Android download now.

Where does our app currently work?

We’re currently available in London and LA.

Can you help me setup an account with Uber?

Whilst we provide a service that can helps drivers, we are not connected with Uber. You will need to contact them directly.

Does it work with UberEats, UberExec or UberLux?

Our system is currently only optimised for UberX and UberXL, so if you only work as any of the above, you may find that the app might not be as accurate.

Do you just work with Uber Drivers?

We are an independent company and our app will work with any system like Uber. FarePilot should be used at the same time as your driver app to help you increase the chances of getting jobs.

FarePilot is not yet available in my area

Our app is not currently optimised for every city, but don't let that stop you. All requests that come through are added to our app request list. We are always working in give our customers what they're actually asking for.

How do I change my map once selected (Android)?

There are different ways of changing your app's map, depending on the device you're using. The most common way of doing this is by; On your phone, tapping;
Settings > Applications > Default Applications > Default app selection > tap Ask before setting default apps

Which devices are compatible with FarePilot?

For iPhone devices, you can use any devices running iOS software 9 and up. You can check this on your iPhone under;
Settings > General > Software Update

For Android devices, you can use any devices running API 19 (4.4 - KitKat) and up. You can check this on your Android device in two ways;
1. Settings > At the top in this area, tap the software update message
2. Settings > About device > Download updates manually

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