About us

We understand the struggle self-employed drivers go through every day. Long hours, low pay, too many drivers on the road, not enough work, wasting too much petrol, no time for breaks – there are just way too many challenges.

We're not Uber

We're not competing with them and we’re not a ride-hailing business, but we can help you in other ways. Think about us as a daily co-pilot or your travelling companion. FarePilot is here to improve your working life by giving you the right tools to do your job.


What we do

We develop technology to help you do your job better. Our first product is an app to help you find high demand areas. We’re developing new exciting features to help you even more.

Who are we

We’re a team of 20 smart people. We have a mix of designers, engineers, data scientists and many others that share the same enthusiasm about drivers as Ken. Part of our induction is chatting with as many drivers as we can. We genuinely care.

Want to join us? Here are some of our openings:

Lead Data Science
— Lead Mobile Engineer
— IOS Developer
— Android Developer
— Junior Marketing Manager / Growth Hacker
— Mid/Senior Backend Engineer

We’re always looking for talented people so just send us an email with your CV to Hannah.kirby@farepilot.com