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FarePilot can help you to save time and earn more money


We use live and historical data to predict hotspots of rider demand and we won't send you to the same places as other drivers.


Find ending times for events in your area up to seven days in advance. Plan your day and week around where riders will be.


We've teamed up with partners to bring you exclusive money saving offers on things that you need.

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Drag the map to find event pins, fuel stations and restrooms and tap to get directions.

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Whether you're new to ridehailing or a seasoned professional, FarePilot has something for everyone.


Here's what some of our users are saying...

Within 20 minutes of using FarePilot  I got a ride worthy of $35, then turned right around and picked up a ride that turned out to be $40.


Rideshare driver

Proving to be a great personal assistant for rideshare drivers. Saves me having to sit in a dead zone. That puts more money in my pocket!


Taxi driver

I've never rated an app but this app is exceptional!!

Great job guys! It's an awesome idea.


Rideshare driver

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FarePilot?

FarePilot is a driver assistance app which directs drivers to areas of high customer demand so they can save time and make more money.

What’s in the app?

Hotspots are areas of high customer demand in your city and are curated using a variety of live and historical data sources as well as avoiding congested areas where there are already too many drivers.

We provide event listings so drivers can be in the right place at the right time to find riders. Our events tab can help drivers plan their week and know where the higher demand in their city will be in advance. We also show events on the Hotspots map so drivers will know when they’re driving near an event that’s about to finish.

Our Save Money feature provides offers so drivers can save big on their everyday costs. These offers vary by country and include offers on car insurance, fuel, mobile contracts and more!

How do you help drivers make more money?

Professional drivers are saving money with FarePilot by spending less idle time on the road and shortening the time between jobs. Drivers can make more money by beating the crowd and getting more fares or they can shorten their shifts and still earn the same!

How do your Hotspots work?

Our team of engineers have created an algorithm which takes into account numerous live and historical data sources, including live supply data, together with a little bit of magic to predict where the areas of high demand for rides will be in your city. Every time you tap for Hotspots we analyse a range of datasets including:

- Sportings events
- Concerts
- Transport disruptions
- Shopping areas
- Restaurants & Bars
- Business areas
- Nightclubs
- Traffic information

We are always adding more data sources to improve the accuracy of our Hotspot recommendations. Let us know if you have any ideas for us!

How do I use Hotspots?

Open FarePilot and if you use a rideshare driver app, make sure it’s online (this is so when you get to our Hotspots you can receive your ping).

1. Tap on the big green button to find your 3 closest Hotspots
2. Select the Hotspot you’d like to go to
3. Tap directions to get turn by turn directions to the Hotspot. You can use your favourite navigation app - FarePilot incorporates with Waze, Google Maps, Apple Maps etc.

You can also search anywhere for Hotspots, not just your current location. Simply zoom out of the map screen to the area you’d like to search and tap ‘Search here’ and follow the steps above.

How can I choose the best Hotspot to go to?

We rate our Hotspots based on their hotness (how high the demand is in that area). You will see these different levels of demand around the Hotspot (from light orange to red). The more red (Hot) the circle is, the higher the demand. This can help you decide which Hotspot to go to as the closest one may not always be the best!

‘Hotness’ is currently available in London, LA, NYC and Chicago and we are working on adding this feature to more cities!

Are you an Uber or lyft competitor?

We are not a competitor of any ridesharing company and use completely independent data sources to curate our Hotspots.

You can use FarePilot alongside any ridesharing driver app or as a taxi driver to find areas where you’re more likely to get pings or pick up customers.

How do I get paid?

FarePilot does not provide driving jobs directly but is a driver assistance app to use alongside your rideshare driver app. Since you will not be receiving jobs directly from us your driving platform (Uber, Lyft, Taxi etc) will be responsible for your payments.

How can I download FarePilot?

FarePilot is available for both iOS and Android and can be downloaded here: iOS - Android.

Where can I use FarePilot?

We are live globally! You can download and use FarePilot Hotspots in any city. We are working on improving our model, adding events, great offers and more on a city by city basis. Get in touch at to see how we are progressing in your city!

We work by giving our drivers what they’re actually asking for, so if you want a particular feature in your city; download our app and ask us!

Can you help me set up an account with Uber/Lyft?

Whilst we provide a service that can helps drivers, we are not connected with Uber or Lyft. You will need to contact them directly.

Does FarePilot work with UberEats/food delivery?

Our app is targeted at drivers who pick up passengers rather than food. It may be that areas of high customer demand result in higher demand for food deliveries but our app isn’t optimised to be near restaurants associated with these companies.

Does FarePilot work with different rideshare vehicle classes (e.g UberXL,
UberSelect, UberBLACK, Lyft Premier, Lyft Plus, Lyft Lux, Lyft Lux SUV etc)?

As we are completely independent of all ride-hail apps we do not know what type of demand is at our Hotspots - only that there is high demand for all rides at the Hotspots.

Can I use FarePilot on my device?

For iOS devices, you can use any devices running iOS software 9 and up. You can check this on your iPhone under;

Settings > General > Software Update

For Android devices, you can use any devices running API 19 (4.4 - KitKat) and up. You can check this on your Android device in two ways;

1. Settings > At the top in this area, tap the software update message

2. Settings > About device > Download updates manually

How much is FarePilot?

FarePilot is completely free to use!
We are working on making FarePilot as valuable to our drivers as possible before we think about charging for it. We are gathering more data sources, improving our Hotspots algorithm, offerings within the app and ultimately working towards a driver assistance app which is a must-have tool for our drivers.

How do I change my default navigation map for FarePilot?

For iOS users:

1. Open FarePilot
2. Tap Account
3. Go to Directions
4. Select the map you’d like to use.

For Android users:

1. Open FarePilot
2. Tap Account
3. Tap on Navigation
4. Select the map you’d like to use.